How To Put Music On Iphone Without Itunes In 2015

How To Put Music On Iphone Without Itunes here can in this iphone tutorial I will be. demonstrating how to put music from your Windows computer. to your iPhone without iTunes now. many of you have probably seen my video earlier and there's a lot of things that.
 many if you have questions about so I hope to get to those. in this video so let's jump right into this. now mister all the way from the beginning in download the programs you. guys know how to do it. from the beginning so above a red web browser. type in copy trans he. and it should show up on Google here key go ahead and hit that. and then we wanna hit download right here coen he downloader here again.
How To Put Music On Iphone Without Itunes

 in as you can see this stuff should pop up and we should start to get a download. automatically done here at the bottom. now once this is done which should take pretty sure it's on the five megabytes. and we will click on that and it should open. up here momentarily I'm not sure teens will I'll cut to when it opens. and it should open a any moment now. here we go just hit run and then as you can see I just. click that and he install as you can see it in solid shortcut. and wants is to test our connection go ahead and he okay. connection successful are some then dish. should pop up and issued spring up a bunch of stuff we're going to use copy. trans. manager which is free so II. double click that in should install that on that's what this bars. 

happening down at the bottom so. once this happens want see. should open up the application you shortly. their ego so we could go ahead in its star. or we're just gonna go ahead and take cialis this is your main. you I am now let me plug in my iPhone 6. so I can go you guys in Akron representation of what's happening. I'm as you can see it she just put it in. so hopefully everything goes well and we'll be all set. as you can see there you go. so now I A have you can see all the songs on my iPhone. and you can score through the mall with this. oMG basically the main layout is all your songs are here. your playlists over here categories. om not really sure what other categories would be in there besides music. you can search you the John Rose artists and albums which is super convenient. 

How To Put Music On Iphone Without Itunes Update

now just to demonstrate you guys what I got going on here. on I'm gonna add two songs. to the iPhone om. and I have Marie on the desktop comets I don't mind by assuring no type. soul basically how we're going to do this is we're gonna go ahead and hit at. a rate here. mean our desktop here Marino find those two songs. which are right here here's I don't mind. and then if you want to do more than one. you should just be able to hold SHIFT in do it if that doesn't work I'll control. in as you can see it highlights both these go ahead and hit. add and as you can see it added both of them. 

I got pressure I don't mine down here in no type right here and now also as you. can see there. isn't a picture any information like that so I'm going. add some because I want that to show up. when I have it on my iPhone which i think is very important. so I'm going on here at No Thai and I'm gonna. images and I'm just gonna go ahead. in copy this image in there were gonna go in here. girl edit and then we're gonna go over here too. a our work are so it's gonna want me to save it to the desktop. summoning a and hit save image an hour to save its true to the desktop. which is no problem it our work. and then where to go to the desktop Iain Rennie hello head near opening hours you. can see. it opens up which is super easy. and then we can also added the artists here om. and I'm going to put in ray. sry murdered. next read How To Put Music On Iphone Without Itunes.

that's pronounced correctly and you can add that other stuff if you wanna I'm. just gonna rate single. and that's basically good enough for me. I'm you can add a bunch is other stuff here if you want go-ahead hit apply. as you can see it shows up like that you can rate it and also give you. information up playing time. how long the song is so many do that the same thing for this. Tom type that in. so now once we've done everything all we have to do is hit. update in this will sink it with the iPhone as you can see says. saving library please be patient once that happens. it should seemed up in do everything for your. nyse: NC update is complete so there now we have to go over to the iPhone. make sure the songs are on their which. I am going to check right now i knows off-camera ombre.

 I will check for you you know put a little be rollin they're showing that it. is on my iPhone to let me make sure i've got it. on here let's see here look into it right now. in a. actually do have the song on here. as you can see you heard it right there in the background there's the No type. song. and let's see I don't mind the me get that one up real quick. and a play that real quick. there you go so there yes have it it does work. I know you may be having problems with it it she just got it try it and. hopefully it'll work for you. I am running i OS a point 1.28 think. I am Joe broken Miller's nothing to do with this. on its nothing you know I have to be jailbroken or anything for this to work. which is super nice. arm definitely recommend this issue he.

 I teens because iTunes can be a little annoying in hard to understand. arm so there you go. here's a couple other features to mention in like hypothetically I wanted. to delete this you could do we track. from my last then once you do that you have to go ahead and hit. update so let me see if there's a song on here wouldn't mind getting rid of. like glitzy like this song I. I'm over the song go ahead and hit delete yes I would like to delete it. go ahead update in it should no longer be on your phone. after this is done updating as you can see updates complete. in its done now is you can also see there's a free 30 7 gigabytes. 

left free after seeing 30 6.98 so I guess it rounds up a little bit. are I do have the 64 gigabyte iPhone 6. so I is only get a total 50 60 eight gigs towards. Iowa see which can ridiculous but that's beside the point. and you guys can and playlists here you can check out playlist you can add songs. to the playlist. which is super convenient on definitely. recommend looking around this it's hard for me to show you everything in such a. short video. but definitely recommend checking this out thanks for watching  How To Put Music On Iphone Without Itunes.

How To Listen To Audiobooks On Iphone

How To Listen To Audiobooks On Iphone welcome to article in we're going to show you how to listen to a lot of all books on your my fellow. to listen to audio books on your iPhone will first need to go to the App Store. and download the audiobooks from audible laugh. if you're not already inaudible user you can try the app without signing enough. simply download the free except and start this num. if you do have an audible account you'll need to sign in to view all your titles. and listen to your books and once you're signed in to the ant. you can find all your books in the my library section.

How To Listen To Audiobooks On Iphone In 2015

How To Listen To Audiobooks On Iphone
 on the bottom left corner by tapping the tabs on the top. you can see that on your purchased items are under cloud. all the books that have been downloaded to the camp are under device. and the titles you think from iTunes hereunder. iTunes. of. with under the temps you can see icons that allow you to search. filter or sort your books well. 0 to listen to one simply tap on the title. and downloaded to your device you can start listening right away. while its tutorial How To Listen To Audiobooks On Iphone.

0 player features once you select a title. the player screen displays controls for play or pause. rewind thirty-seconds and bookmark. you can use the bookmarks icon on the lower right to leave a bookmark. or make a personal note anywhere in the audiobook I'll. by tapping the chapters and bookmarks button in the middle. under the play button you are able to see the chapters if your book. as well as your bookmarks and notes from that title. to navigate through the book tapped to activate the place lighter on the top.

How To Listen To Audiobooks On Iphone Update

 simply drag the bar right for forward. or left her back well. you can also navigate the previous or next chapters. by tapping the buttons below the slider. 0 by tapping the volume button on the upper right corner. you can easily adjust the volume or you can use the volume controls on your. device. 0 taxi information icon. next to the volume button to get information on the title. or even share what you're listening to via Twitter. Facebook work email other player features.

 of on the bottom of the player you'll find even more player options. enabled the button free mode by swiping from bottom to top. in this mode you were able to control the player by sweeping. as instructed on the screen 0. or use the sleep timer by tapping the button in the bottom left corner. to stop the performance after a certain amount of time has elapsed. you can change narration speed by pressing the button on the bottom right. corner. stats and badge if. as a bonus the and gives you a fun way to gauge your. 

audiobook listening mastery on the bottom menu. in the meat section you were able to see your daily. monthly our total listening stats slight left. to see which badges you've earned 0. slight left again to see your mastery level based on listening hours. swipe one more time to see how many. article titled you have 0 to view the latest features and titles from. audible test news on the bottom menu. settings I'll. to personalize the app go to the my library section. and tap the setting icon on the top left corner. you'll here you can learn about the act. refresh the library sink device position.

 and change the marketplace the settings for auto lock. back but behavior free download format. lastly you can't have contact us to get in touch with customer care. well purchase. and channel. don't forget you can always purchase audio books on the on lmo by a store. by browsing WWW dot article dot com. once you buy a book your purchase book instantly show up in the mine library. section of the app. matt said. happy listening. Thanks for read How To Listen To Audiobooks On Iphone.

Move Photos From Iphone To Pc New Update In 2015

Move Photos From Iphone To Pc I and Skyler I'd like to show you how I use photostream which is part of iPod. to transfer photos quickly easily from my iphone to my computer. first go to Settings and good I climb. and make sure that photostream is turned on this option here.

Move Photos From Iphone To Pc Update 2015

Move Photos From Iphone To Pc
now go to photos. slight photostream at the bottom. and in the upper left tap the plus symbol. given a name. K make sure that is a private website and I'm not going to invite. anyone else to the shared photo stream tap create. and now I've got one call transfer one. by tap on this blue triangle I can see that it doesn't have any subscribers. if you tap on it. you'll see that is never shared photos yet so let's fix that. next Move Photos From Iphone To Pc.

Move Photos From Iphone To Pc

top on albums and let's just say. grab anything from any album to edit. select a few different photos and tap add. to arts art tap share tapped photostream. then tap the album you just me post. and all of them are now being sent up to I. that so let's switch over to the computer okay here I've got. iPhoto open and I can see all my different photos change because I.

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 selected from the left hand side. remember to turn on photostream. in your system preferences under I Klatt I'm going to click on that album I just. made. and once it downloads them will be able to see. all those photos there we are. personally I find that's the easiest way to transfer images. using iPod from my iPhone to my computer. thanks for watching Move Photos From Iphone To Pc.

How To Set Up Hotmail On Iphone Update 2015

How To Set Up Hotmail On Iphone wellcome how to set up and configure hotmail on iPhone. hello Hotmail users. you probably know what has happened a hotmail and that it was merged with. Microsoft male. however if you want to add your Hotmail email to.

How To Set Up Hotmail On Iphone Update

 iPhone and configure it further this can be done. on Iowa 7 go to the Settings app and then find in tap. male Contax calendar and the heart. all email accounts. tap Add Account I O S seven has. no hotmail feature but since the Microsoft mail and Hotmail. are the same they now and they are stored on the same servers. Next tutorial How To Set Up Hotmail On Iphone.

just tap exchange good now. and your email its password and description. untapped next attention when it ask for your server address. simply tap s dot outlook dot com. as a user name just use again your email address. tapped next. everything works well and now you're in the part of the at menu. where you can decide which parts to your Hotmail you want to sync with your. iPhone. if you're the type of person who likes to keep everything in one place.

How To Set Up Hotmail On Iphone New

 like us simply tap save without tweaking anything. some other users may prefer to seeing only male with iPhone or only contacts. and reminders. it's up to you tap Save when you're done. G. as you can see your Hotmail has just been added. and it comes under the default exchange title don't let it fool you. it as much as Hotmail as it always was. when you tap exchange now you'll be redirected. to the screen where you can tweak your Hotmail settings on this.

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iPhone and even delete your account we've just decided that we'd. don't wanna see notes with iPhone now when you go back to the home screen. and tapped the Mail app you can see your newly added male. it's probably sinking and adding new unread emails. to your phone now. this was a how tech tutorial like us on Facebook. lovers forever or leave us a comment here in the fields below. thanks for watching How To Set Up Hotmail On Iphone.

When Is New Iphone Coming Out iPhone 6S & 6S Plus - New Features

When Is New Iphone Coming Out what's up guys having elbow proof he ran the iPhone success is right around the. corner it's never too early to start dreaming about what happened might bring. us last so this video. I'm gonna be shown you guys everything we know based on reports rumors. and expectations on the iPhone success and it's no surprise there. every single year before the actual release we know so much about the new. generation iPhone it's almost impossible to keep. leaks tied down will on go ahead and share everything that's floating out. there. and everything that is not going to happen on the iPhone 6. s to begin I just wanted to say that the iPhone six in 6 posts are.

When Is New Iphone Coming Out Iphone

When Is New Iphone Coming Out

 to incredibly will meet phones very well polished Apple finally cater to the. larger phone market with the six plus. and all around good job so how can Apple improve upon this wall. for wanted the iPhone six-plus in six-plus as. will not feature any design changes edges doesn't make sense if we take a. look at the lineup other. all previous iPhones here's what we see iPhone 2g in 5c don't count by the. iPhone 3G and 3GS shared a similar design the only distinguishing factor. was some reflective lettering on the back to the 3GS other than that he. couldn't tell them apart. scene with the 4s the only difference is within 10 a-bands the placement was. changed to fix antennagate. between a five in 5s the only difference is a new flash unit and touch.

 ID rain as you can see the designs these the same for two generations number the. six in 6 posts. the first %uh a new design so of course Apple's going to keep the design. he might make some small outer tweaks but the basic design will be the same. and of course it will be call. 6 S and 60 S Plus beginning with the 5s Apple begin offering. a gold color optional wildly popular now with the six as and 6s plus. Apple is said to be introducing a new rose gold color options I gotta say it. would make sense a really nice color. now although the locals say the same a new aluminium 7,000 used in the. production on the Apple watch will make its way to the iPhone 6 as. it sixty percent stronger or one-third the density. a stainless steel if you're free to your new iPhone bending. don't be a material world. sure that this does not happen to your brand new sex ass there's been a lot of. chatter about the resolution changing. 

2k on a six-person 1080 p on the six will let me tell you why this won't. happen. first of Apple usually keeps resolutions for to get rations that prove true with. the 525 s. and from the 2g to 3G s and then the 424 s so we're not likely to see a. resolution pop so quick. what will happen though in his even better is forced touch technology it's. gonna make its way over to the iPhone from the Apple watch. it's where your screen can measure its sensitive to the amount of force your. pressing on it that's really cool. thanks to leak we have some applications were for such could be useful. on the iPhone success say you're in maps and you wanna drop. opinion the old way to do would be to press and hold will now you can press in. press harder. and it'll drop a pin for you and while watching media or music. 

When Is New Iphone Coming Out In Iphone 6

you can actually press the fast-forward or rewind bones depending on the. pressure you put on it it will change the speed at which are moving through. media. really need in terms of material the glass is said to be replaced from I am. Street in class to the latest Gorilla Glass for technology which is used. in the Samsung Galaxy S six the iPhone 6. is not very good in terms of shatter resistance. I won't deny it the iPhone 6 is not the fastest phone on the market. there's plenty of competition edges blows the iPhone 6 under the water it's. about time. Apple catches up to competition the current iPhone 6 pales in comparison to. the Galaxy S six only a measly. one beat by Avram any 1.4 gigahertz dual core processor. there's certainly room for improvement here and Apple will be revamping their. processor. 

on the iPhone successor will be an apple 89 chip made by Samsung. and some orders from TMS see will be 1482 construction unknowns first patient. at the time. but will have to be goodbye to the LPD r4 ramp to go along with it. go get this Apple has no upgraded make a pixel size they've upgraded the actual. sensor in quality but not to make pixel size. since the iPhone 4s I think it's time for change the new success based on. reports will feature a 12-megapixel sensor. the sensor itself will be made by Sony reportedly in RGBW sensor. and it will have smaller pixel sizes which is not good for the live. 

performance of course I'll have 4k capability the report states that the. battery life on the iPhone 6 as. will be better but not by means of a new battery the battery size is likely to. stay the same hopefully it does it because between the five in 5s even. though design see the same. the actual battery was upgraded so hopefully we see that even though it's. not likely to happen. the battery life will likely be enhanced by terms of software tweaking. let's talk about some the smaller features the iPhone 6 as is likely to. receive. first of the SEC labels on the back the device they're ugly and they don't. belong there. 

there's new ruling that SEC allows that could allow Apple to remove them from. the upcoming. 6 as as long as the user's guide points out where to find them. in the phone's menu really interesting reports state that the tertiary the. sensor on the iPhone 6 as will be greatly improved in terms of accuracy. all those are likely to happen Apple did file patents for the screen enable touch. ID detention system really interesting as well one can dream for wireless. charging per. it's not likely to be introduced on the iPhone 6 s.Next When Is New Iphone Coming Out.

 even though it was introduced on the Apple launch I think we're gonna have to. wait to the seven for the on. so you know that you have to injured Apple watch Chappelle's bragging about. willie could make its way to the iPhone 6s and it really makes sense. it could make for a much better much more improved vibration. will have more adept feel to it the iPhone 6 as could come equipped with. support for high-resolution audio. by means in new headphones will come from the Lightning connector. not 3.5 millimeter Jack Albini a future that's already being used on the iPad. that could be brought to the six as is the Apple Sep. it's a SIM card that comes pre equipped in the iPhone 6. as from the actual many you can select your carrier and it's equipped to handle. all of them.

 now what's not likely to happen all to begin waterproofing. doesn't make sense waterproof usually makes the phone more bulky and Apple. likes to keep there's a very slow. to is a patent Apple actually created free pop out home button. to create a joystick cool a deal by. gonna happen probably not there's been a lot of talk about. do lens so on the iPhone success and it's probably not gonna happen. sony has got it covered in leaves poor they're gonna be using one up their. sensors. just one last thing I want to mention 32 gigabytes will likely be. the smallest size you can buy it 60 gigabytes will be gone. now here all the great features the 6s an iPhone success because. 

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will both feature I'm sure there will be to differentiating features between the. two models. based on the report and weeks everything we know about these devices already. are shaping up to be some great contenders to the competition out there. right now. I certainly can't wait to get my hands on the new iPhone 6 as and six. S Plus too thanks for watching guys and stay tuned for any news about these. devices. I was nine we also do you know quite a bit about to be out here. very soon be sure to check out the video have a great day guys hope you enjoy. this video. peace. Thanks for read When Is New Iphone Coming Out.

How To Get Into A Locked Iphone Update Today In 2015

How To Get Into A Locked Iphone this is handride.blogspot.comhere soccer's this is for anyone with the disabled phone. or any from which carbon look for whatever reason. I'm just one hard reset it okay I'm so in this case are going to say we'll firm. in which I don't know the password obviously gonna on purpose in this. on this occasion says disabled we can go into we can access the firm. to we need to do is win it up i hard reset the phone. and reset the software now one thing to take no of. 

How To Get Into A Locked Iphone Update In 2015

How To Get Into A Locked Iphone

is when you doing this is to make sure that know the phone doesn't have. on Cloud activation because it does have fun my life a doctorate in that means. when you do reset it you're actually able to login. because you'll still have the Arco details on their. which one to the password to if the phone isn't yours okay. so that's for instance if by secondhand maybe if somebody. or you bite in auction or something about where you can't know for certain. the. previous issue from so will do. is well actually power of the phone can't wait for it to power of. them if you do not check this our camera How To Get Into A Locked Iphone.

 whether it's on or not you don't actually need to go into the phone. I've got a video on how to do that if you can watch that you can learn us to. process. workers in other forms of we're gonna do. is we're going to hold the home button so this person. and then inserts the USB data cable. you'll be presented with this cream which is a connect our chance cream. there once that happens we're gonna go over now to iTunes. which will be flashlight you and then it will ask you if you'd like to. reset the software back to factory standard so. gonna go ahead and click Restore an awesome restore and update. essentially it's a it's a process in which.

How To Get Into A Locked Iphone Update

 is going to delete everything from the phone but what the good thing is about. body's been you a. you'll be able to access the phone even if you didn't know the possible. previously. okay now we just wait for the support to go through this process. so I should just finished extract. where and now it's going to begin to install the software on the phone. and you're gonna be presented with the screen basically resets itself. member screen will appear. which is installing the software since Lee so wait for that. finish. okay so the phones never finished restoring click OK.

 now it's still going to be a bit longer. into the ferns finishes process reset itself. from the bar will pop up just slightly. pops up a little break and I'm not sure what is this for am. your seats go and still and whatever SIM card that Urlacher to. River carrier use and you're gonna go ahead and reactivate the phone. do you need an internet connection also wife Lori or you can use cellular. going on plug now no problem finish the process. Provo difference in this one was this on its own. worker suffers now restored. 

bizarre comes on the books for its new. singer had select your country. just follow the year. follow the prompts. good with setup. this is where our client would come up if you had an a-bomb from  bills go. any further. if you do need to check that and just got to my video how to check those are. coming from. you just follow. fully way through. and now you're in for no passwords. they go figure much watchin.thanks for read How To Get Into A Locked Iphone.

How To Fix An Iphone 4 Screen Update In 2015

How To Fix An Iphone 4 Screen professing we need to do days call special the Sony switched off. and remove the SIM card can just do that with a paperclip. snap Video Talk screwdriver. and remove the two screws for the bomb and then. use the film put a little pressure arm. this live here and Porsche and the back should come straight so the first thing you want to remove. is this but you can't sit here now as I said. once you get into the iPhone all schools are philippe's crews. to remove stature connector. bracket holding refuge from here. just prize ok connector. how to the way. this little less metal bracket here that comes away just put that to one side. now want to remove this battery in the sell-down was some. double sided tape and will take thi

How To Fix An Iphone 4 Screen Update

How To Fix An Iphone 4 Screen
tab basically a little bit of a loss so you can feel it. coming away. and for that you to assign after the way so now went to remove five. Phillips pills he had the holiness. shield in place now again it's a really good idea. to do a picture race crews Alma peachy because. only the screws really tiny they're all different lengths as well. okay so now we can. the movie she'll look there is still some little tabs. Monday here not hold the shield down so. you've got to wheelie out into a position ready to lift. of without say bend in those tabs. and then. if you put the shield with the screws you've taken out. and now only put it back together again. nine miners who knows it's now we want to do is three movies 2 Phillips crews. here. hold disconnected down here so now we can just left to Blue Shield. it's one side.

 American gently pop out this commit to hear. max who want to remove the two. phillips screw see a on hold in the year vibrate. multi here just left I'll put it to one side. now we're going to. lift-off the size connectors knocking it seemed. to the motherboard now use a little prize until for this utah snow in any. order. but once you get one has to the way is a little bit more room to work on the. others. just gently tease them out. don't need a lot of pressure now we can. remove the camera tab as well little connector. here. put that to one side so now.

 this flat flex cable ability implode want to do is just. peerless away just fell down little bit. tape peel it back. an expose this little phillips screw here. so nice to remove that one man and. one in now and then we can remove the speaker housing. mission left fish. after the way a little bit will be really careful because this. Hirose connector he s still connected so. and when to lifted out give me a bit more room in order to crimes that. Hirose connector off. speakers removed. soldiers here Monday here this is a atwater sensor. so it if you send the match to the factory. not working they can sell if it's being dropped. but missed the mortar book today we got to remove this. 

How To Fix An Iphone 4 Screen In 2015

because as a screw on the air we need to. takeout next. services for must rule not to let me move Anne. say is actually a flat head screw here cell where. carefully remove the screw. now if you can actually. dished out the motherboard. so now there's said screws to the side is actually six. big schools down each side with washes. and two small ones in each corner. so I'll add to move the small ones first. now move the bigger. long sleeve washes from the sides so once you've got all the screws removed. from the science then. get a case open till gets in between. the cation the screen I'm just gently where you a round. 

fashioning of a little bit to time. so I want to be fulfilled in the new screens get to that little there'll be. no alcohol. on a cotton board just to give it if any did it. on the science here became a loss if the children's voices. hola making this video the year school at the back to my way shopper. bill themselves a little garden just behind on my way shop. and air being out last few days. planting now flowers and vegetables because. at last two signs have a sign in the UK cell. well said have left the. film protect me from calc daily in places only to move that early and. put Sam who want to feed these ribbon cables. through this gap here. 

very carefully PLC deemed place. book make sure you don't kink and your bills ribbon cables. allies it won't fixed flat. now houses who this is how we. disassemble the iPhone so to the. six big screen is it washes first. I'm now. put map for small screws not going each kalana. so fast too long to fit the speaker module in place. and disc and put this one school in. now just hold it in place and put them over bonin. and his life will spring plant you the top that girls. just in onto the chassis itself. the castle you don't get any the same. ribbon cables for the LCD trapped. so school at homes. this and the speaker module down also holds a bomb the movable dam. NEXT TUTORIAL How To Fix An Iphone 4 Screen.

Mike same ensure arrows connector his ass in the way not trapped underneath. left. and. which now connect this Hirose connector battle. snow we compute the. that you cannot sit back on some overblown. put the middle shield. back in place now we can put the vibrator motor. back in secured Emma the two screws. now replace the camera. so now I need to replace is screwed up it to Kelly the. flat and screwdriver. skills & Isles movable dam. Sonalika replace the battery. surely flat flex cables well.

 to tell them not me it's still understand the maturation. click the Connect to back in place. and the small shield. goes back Ohio's connector. misspelled I'm place the one screw. saldana connect to lease. ridden cables back up to the motherboard. did you. LCD can act as he held a little bit stiff because it's the first time. they'll invent. into this position. now I just need to put the she'll back home and the high school's not hold it. so now I put the back. back on again. salsa backs in place a system as putting those to talk issues in that. catch you next time them. .thanks for read How To Fix An Iphone 4 Screen.